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NEW! DA Form 2166-8-1 NCO-ER Counseling and Support form (MS Word) This doc was created by SSG Metcalf ,HRNCO, 1-133d IN BN Thanks!!
MAR 06 NCO-ER 2166-8NCO Evaluation Report (MS Word) This doc was created by SGT Patrick Jones and SSG Jennifer Butler of HHB 147th FA BDE. Thanks!!
DA Form 2166-8 NCO Evaluation Report (Form Flow)

US Soldiers In action around the world in action!

DA Form 2166-8-1 NCO Counseling Checklist/Record (Form Flow)

NCOER Writing guide United States Army Elements, ACE NCO-ER preparation Guide


NCOER Appeals: Myths/ Facts dispels myths by presenting some of the facts and to provide information that may be helpful in presenting an appeal.

NCOER-Guide The Complete Guide to the Ncoer : How to receive and write an excellent report
ASVAB.US is the place to learn how to raise your score on the ASVAB. is the militaries entrance exam. Safe, Secure and Private
Practice ASVAB Test (download)Outstanding program! I have got it for my soldiers to help prepare them for reenlistment. Soldiers can take the test in their spare time as many times as they like! Instant results with out FAST!
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NCOER Writing Guide
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